The Copperhead and CopperMug Resource Center

Welcome to The Copperhead and CopperMug Resource Center, an exclusive section of the Valspar Championship website just for the Copperheads and CopperMugs. You are welcome to explore our Resource Center which includes an exclusive digital library of Valspar Championship assets. Find Valspar Championship images, Copperhead & CopperMug specific PDF files, plus you can look up other members in our Member Directory. If you have difficulty downloading any assets, please contact Steve Gordon or Austin Kern at 727-942-5566 or email us at

  • Many of you have asked how you can order dual-logoed (tournament and member) items to show your pride in being a Copperhead / CopperMug. We’ve worked to create a website that offers some quality basic items (shirts, outerwear, headwear, accessories) for purchase. The site will be only open for the next 30 days. If sales warrant it, we’ll work to have the site active several times per year and will expand the offerings. Any orders that occur in this first 30-day window will be submitted to the vendors at that time for bulk processing and individual shipping. We hope you enjoy the site and thank you for your continued ambassadorship as a Copperhead / CopperMug.

    The Copperheads & CopperMugs Official merchandise store will be open from October 10, 2019 until November 9, 2019. All orders will be produced & delivered within 3-4 weeks after site closing (November 9, 2019). Click here for The Merchandise Shop.
    Password: valsparchamp2020
  • Locate all of the exceptionally talented players on our team. View the directory for Copperhead and CopperMug Members.

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