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After 2020, everything could use a little brightening up. That’s why Valspar has created the Back to Bright initiative. Valspar wants to empower communities to bring back their bright after a tough year, and we want to help – starting right here, in the Tampa Bay area, our Valspar Championship home. We want to help bring back the bright, the inspiration and the spirit of togetherness to this amazing community.

So, Tampa Bay area, here is YOUR chance to bring back YOUR bright! Nominate a spot in your community in need of some brightening up. Perhaps it’s a community center that has been quieter than usual, or a school that has been missing its energy. Maybe it’s a struggling restaurant, or a park without laughter for too long. Only YOU know YOUR community – and how to bring back the bright that may have been missing.

Submit your 140 character entry on Twitter using #ValsparBackToBright along with a short video (under one minute) explaining why this spot in your community deserves to be chosen. Once our selection committee chooses the winning location, a local artist will work with people in that location to create a mural to inspire you to bring back your bright.

Just a few things to keep in mind when submitting your nomination:
 • Artist Safety Restrictions – we want to keep our artist safe, so please consider a location that is grounded, like an outside wall of a building, and do not choose a location that is too challenging for an artist to physically paint the mural (i.e. water tower, bridge, etc.)
 • The location needs to be in the Tampa Bay Area and one that allows for this type of installation
 • While we want you to think BIG, we ask that the space you nominate is not larger than 800 square feet

**Submissions have been extended to March 8, 2021 and the winning location will be announced on March 10, 2021**

Contest Selection Committee:
 *Jim Eisch, Valspar Championship General Chair, COO Pinch A Penny
 *Ronde Barber, Valspar Championship Vice Chair, Buccaneer Legend
 *Gary Koch, NBC Golf Analyst, Former PGA TOUR Professional
 *Tracy West, Valspar Championship Tournament Director, Copperhead Charities President
 *Tom Liebhardt, Senior VP, Marketing, Valspar brand

We can’t wait to get started. Send in your nomination so together, we can get Back To Bright!

Meet The Local Artist: Zulu Painter will be collaborating with Valspar and the selected location in order to create a community mural inspired by togetherness, and BRIGHT! Zulu Painter said, “It is an honor to partner with Valspar on the BACK TO BRIGHT campaign. This is an opportunity to positively impact the community with vibrant, uplifting Art after the haze that Covid left over our nation. Let’s grow Art everywhere and bring our communities back to bright!”
Click here for more information on Zulu Painter.

#ValsparBackToBright is a positive space to nominate your communities. We reserve the right to remove content that is not focused on bringing back the bright!


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